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Tower defense minecraft 1-3 2-4 betting system

If you bounce back one of their fireballs, the fireball now counts as your attack, and if a zombified piglin so much as gets touched by the blast, it becomes provoked along with all its buddies in and out of sight. Pro tip: when the fireball is within the player's reach, aim at the Ghast and punch.

As long as the fireball is in your FOV you can hit the ghast. NOTE: If surrounded by multiple ghasts, constantly hitting attack while aiming at a Ghast throws all fireballs in that direction, regardless of which direction they are coming from they still need to be within reach. Do be careful, however, with bouncing fireballs back at Ghasts on the ground, as the explosion from the fireball can not only damage the vicinity, but provoke zombified piglins as above.

Remember that unlike shulker bullets , ghast fireballs do not follow the player. If you are in a difficult situation, just run to a safe place. You can always outrun the impact area. Although they cannot be found in the "general" Nether, blazes can spawn in nether fortresses, both naturally and through spawners.

For the first run, it is strongly recommended to find an enchanted golden apple. As of the new Minecraft 1. Failing that, loading your armor up with Fire Protection and Protection enchantments can help; maximum protection comes with 10 levels total of Fire Protection, with each two levels of regular Protection counting as one of Fire Protection. After that first run, your first two blaze rods and some nether wart let you brew potions of fire resistance; use the first one to make a brewing stand , then craft the second into blaze powder.

The first piece of blaze powder fuels the brewing, the second can make magma cream if you haven't picked any up yet, but if you do have some it can be used to make Potions of Strength with a bit of redstone , your potions last even longer.

At this point, you can run away and come back with potions of Fire Resistance. This makes you completely immune to their fireballs, and if you keep a block or so distance, you can avoid their melee attack. Once you've gotten more comfortable with the blazes, you can build one of the spawners into a farm, by casing over the spawner area with Nether Brick Fence, and digging a hole underneath for the blazes to slowly descend into.

Magma cubes are slime-like mobs that spawn in the Nether wastes and spawn abundantly in basalt deltas, generally near lava hence the name magma cube. They look like burnt slimes with yellow eyes, and seem to have springs under them they jump fairly high and the "springing" is visible. Their properties are much like slimes, as killing a large one results in it splitting into medium-sized ones, which splits into small ones. The large and medium Magma cubes have a chance of dropping magma cream and experience when killed.

You can prevent magma cubes from spawning in your base by making the floor out of transparent blocks. As mentioned earlier, you can stand on a pillar to kill magma cubes, but any ghasts or crossbow-wielding piglins might really annoy you. Wither skeletons are tall, darkened skeletons, wielding stone swords. They inflict the wither effect for 10 seconds with a hit. They walk when idle, but sprint toward a player when they see one.

However, they can't pass through a two-block-high space, which makes them somewhat easy to deal with. They drop bones, coal, and occasionally their stone sword. They also have a small chance to drop a wither skeleton skull, which are essential to summoning the wither boss. These types of skeletons are found only in nether fortresses.

They can roam in groups in fortress hallways, so be careful of blazes and being withered in this situation. Knockback is good for packs where you want them as far away as possible. Piglins commonly spawn in Nether Wastes , Crimson Forests , and in Bastion Remnants and are armed with either golden swords or crossbows.

The adults are by default hostile, but if you have at least one piece of gold armor on they become neutral toward you, and the babies are always passive. Throwing a golden item at them pacifies them for a moment. When killed, they have a small chance of dropping their golden sword or crossbow, any armor they naturally spawned with, and they drop any picked up items.

If you barter with them by throwing or using [1] a gold ingot on them, they throw something back, as seen on the bartering page. You can prevent them from spawning by thoroughly lighting up the area as they spawn at light levels 11 or below. They also run from soul fire items and zombified piglins.

If they go into the overworld through a nether portal, they start to shake and turn into zombified piglins shortly after. Hoglins are large pig-looking mobs, which drop raw porkchops , leather , and experience upon death. They spawn in Crimson Forests and Bastion Remnants. They are naturally hostile with 40 health points. They run from warped fungus , nether portals , and respawn anchors.

They run toward players and fling the player into the air upon hitting. Unlike most hostile mobs, hoglins can be led with leads and bred with crimson fungi. If they go into the overworld through a nether portal, they start to shake and turn into a zoglin shortly after. Hoglins make good sources of food when you run out of them in the nether for long periods of time or if you get lost.

Many resources in the Nether are essential for brewing potions :. Turns out it wasn't enough for you to explore the Nether. You've decided it looks like a nice place to live or if you're in a multiplayer world, perhaps you seek strategic control of the rapid-travel capability. So, what do you need to survive here? You can start by importing some dirt to grow plants. You can even use a hoe to till it into farmland , but there's a catch: With no water available, you need to till the ground, then plant your seed immediately , before the farmland reverts to dirt.

Likewise when harvesting wheat, replant immediately and keep the hoe on your hotbar. This works for all the farmland crops: wheat , melons , pumpkins , carrots and potatoes and beetroot. Melons would be the most reliable as after the stem is fully grown, hydration does not affect the rate at which melons grow.

Wither skeletons can provide bones for bone meal to speed this process. Cocoa plants are farmable on jungle logs as usual, so that gives you cookies too. You can also farm sweet berries. While you're at it, you can layout a few blocks of soul sand for a nether wart farm. It is also possible to build an 8 by 8 platform, plant mushrooms on two opposite edges, and then use bone meal.

This can provide you with a steady source of Mushroom Stew , and you can put torches or saplings in the other corners. On dirt or grass, mushrooms need a light level of 7 or below, but on podzol, mycelium, or nylium they can be bonemealed into their respective huge mushroom type at any light level. Nylium is also the only block in the nether which you can far mushrooms on, and that is crucial. Once you've gotten used to nether dangers, you can invade and repair a nether fortress, as it provides many Nether commodities, such as blazes and nether wart.

However, falling is a real danger, as there might be a lava ocean below you. If you're in survival, and you've found multiple nether fortresses not connected but nearby you can loot nether bricks to repair your favorite nether fortress.

You can smelt netherrack into individual nether bricks, then craft your own walls, stairs, and fences. You can also transform bastion remnants in similar ways. For bastion renmants, block off any lava, and fill in any gaps. Add decorations and fix up the bastion. You'll want wood for tools and torches and perhaps to smelt into charcoal , so make a tree farm as well.

Wood also provide charcoal for torches and smelting. Oak trees also provide the occasional apple for golding , but that's not really a food supply. If you want nether woods variants, you can grow Huge fungus as they don't need dirt, but nylium to grow. Also nether wood is inflammable. Another catch: Trees need space to grow - and ghasts need space to spawn. You can scatter slabs, glass and glowstone around the floor of your tree farm. You can plant saplings with glowstone adjacent, and slabs on top of the diagonal blocks.

You can do this in rows for max efficiency. If you're low on glowstone, jack o'lanterns and torches suffice. You also need at least 4 blocks of air above the sapling. Using this method of tree farming, you can have a large enclosure for mass wood farming without ghasts! If not too densely lit, your tree farm also serves for bone-meal assisted huge mushrooms , which is useful for Mushroom Stew.

Chickens can also be farmed in the Nether by bringing in eggs or by killing a Chicken Jockey , but likewise, take space, and warrant anti-ghast measures. There is gravel around for flint and Nether wood for sticks, so with the chickens for feathers , you can make arrows. Cows , pigs and sheep can be brought through the portal, which can provide you with wool , leather , and meat. Sheep require special measures: You'll need to get a grass block with a Silk touch tool or killing an Enderman holding one and use that to start grass on a well-lit dirt floor, so they can regrow their wool.

You can also just breed the sheep until you have a lot, and then shear some of them and kill the sheared ones. However, the sheep do not re-grow their wool. Villagers can be brought into the nether through a portal, either using a boat or minecart. Make sure the portal is protected, so ghasts don't fireball you or damage the villager.

Villagers can use beds without blowing them up, allowing for artificial villages and iron golem farms to function properly. They do run away from zombified piglins even though zombie piglins don't attack them. Some things can't be produced in the Nether, and need to be brought in from the Overworld: There are no ores, besides nether quartz ore , ancient debris , and nether gold ore. There is no diamond unless you import it from the overworld or you find it in nether fortress chests.

Emerald, iron, redstone and lapis lazuli are renewable through villagers, and gold is renewable through zombified piglins. Iron is also renewable from bartering, as well as water, though it has to be stored in cauldrons. Coal is renewable from wither skeletons or smelting overworld wood. Blackstone can be used as an alternative to cobblestone. You can get pigstep disc and snount banner from bastion renmant, and diamond and horse armor can be obtained through a nether fortress.

Paper and sugar need sugarcane , which can't grow without water. You can get string from killing striders. Fishing rods cannot be used for fishing as there no water, but can be used to craft warped fungus on a stick to ride striders or reel in mobs. The same applies to some ingredients for brewing: Besides sugar, there's no spider eyes.

They must be brought in from the Overworld. This is a challenge where you start in the nether with nothing and leave. This section assumes you play in a release of the nether update. Both Java and Bedrock editions use the same mechanics.

There are no impactful differences except that Bedrock mob spawning is different and less stable, and Bedrock Edition has worse loot in chests. Create a Creative world. Build a nether portal and go to the nether. Break the nether portal. Usually people will start with a respawn anchor and four glowstone. If you are setting your spawn, make sure to right click on it even after it is charged so that you set your respawn point.

In either a crimson forest or a warped forest, obtain around 20 logs. The wart blocks can be broken with hoes faster. You do not need to break them, but they will make the landscape very ugly if you leave them floating. Make wooden pickaxes and start mining right away. Lava pockets generate at all levels in the nether, so you could directly mine into lava. You need to be very careful, and if you run into lava, quickly block it off.

Blackstone can be found in large veins from levels In a Basalt Deltas biome, it can generate with basalt on the surface. While you are mining, look for some Nether Gold Ore. It gives you gold nuggets, which you should turn into gold ingots.

It can be found in any biomes from levels , but is easier to find on the surface. Blackstone can be used as a substitute for stone, so upgrade all of your tools to stone. With Blackstone, upgrade to stone tools, and a furnace. After crafting many bowls, look for brown and red mushrooms and craft mushroom stew.

Your priority is to mine any nether gold ore you see, so that you can get one piece of gold armor most easily boots , so that the Piglins don't attack you. Continue mining any gold you see, and collect wood and mushrooms for mushroom stew. You need a bowl, a red, and a brown mushrooms for stew. There are five different biomes, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Find one to base up in. Warped forest: The safest of all nether biomes, but can be unexpectedly dangerous. Nothing spawns there except for enderman and striders.

Crimson forest: One of the most dangerous nether biomes. Hoglins are the best way to get food in the nether, and Piglins are rarely an issue if you have gold armor. Zombified Piglins are neutral, and don't attack you unless you attack them. Because the main use of this biome is to get wood and Hoglins' pork chops, it's better to base up on the edge of the biome, since there is no need at all to be inside it.

Put warped fungus near your house to scare away Hoglins, and put soul fires fires lit on soul sand or soul soil , soul torches, soul lanterns, or soul campfires to scare away Piglins. Idle Piglins are scared by soul things, and if they are attacking you they do not ignore the soul things.

No matter what, whether idle or hostile, they are scared of Zombified Piglins however. Basalta delta: This is the most dangerous biome. It is definitely not recommended to base up here. Because of the jagged terrain, magma cubes, and lava, it is easily the most dangerous biome to be in. The only benefit of this biome is easy access to magma cubes for magma cream for brewing fire resistance potions , and easy access to Blackstone used as a substitute to cobblestone , and an easy access to basalt no usage other than building.

Do not build your house inside this biome, but building it close would do no harm. Soul sand valley: This is the second most dangerous biome. Mobs that spawn there include skeletons and ghasts, at a much higher rate. Soul fire does twice the normal damage, and skeletons and ghasts can easily overwhelm you, it is not recommended to do this. Soul sand also slows you down a lot, which is terrible paired with skeletons and ghasts.

However, if you have soul speed boots iron boots enchanted with a random soul speed level that can be obtained from bartering with Piglins , you can traverse this biome a lot easier. The benefits include easy access to fossils, which provide a large quantity of bone locks, and skeletons which you can get bones from. You can also obtain soul sand and soul soil, however those can generate near lava in other places and is obtained from bartering.

Nether wastes: This biome is inhabited by Piglins, more rarely, but is mainly inhabited by a mass of Zombified Piglins. The Piglins are scared of the Zombified Piglins so the Piglins should not be an issue at all. This biome is known to be flat and easy to explore, which makes it perfect for building.

Since this biome is barren, there are not any benefits, but you can build a gold farm, which is extremely useful. You can prevent any mobs from spawning by placing bottom slabs on your house. Bottom slabs refers to slabs that are placed on the bottom of a block, with one more half-block vertical layer above it. You need to also prevent mobs from entering your house. Hoglins are scared of charged respawn anchors, lit nether portals, and warped blue fungi.

This is easiest with warped fungi. It can be planted on any nylium or on soul soil. Soul soil can be obtainable from a soul sand valley. If you break a soul campfire, which can be crafted using soul sand. Soul sand can be obtained from bartering, soul sand valleys, or with a 8.

Piglins are scared of all soul fire items, which includes lit soul campfires, soul fire, soul torches, and soul lanterns. They are also scared of zoglins and zombified piglins. Placing zombified piglins in a trap is not really viable because being mobs in the hostile category, they will despawn after the player is outside a block radius.

Keeping idle piglins away is actually useful because the player will often open chests inside their house, which angers piglins. The best solution is to just wear gold armor, and don't do anything to provoke them. If provoked, they will stop being hostile in 30 seconds if you do nothing to further provoke them. Gold is the most valuable resource in the Nether. The resources that you must get while mining is:. Most people mine by having a main "hub" tunnel, and having a lot of seperate tunnels that go off of that.

You do not want to have your mines where you are farming mobs. They will spawn in your mines and more will spawn in your mines and less spawning where you are farming. To prevent this, know where your main hub mining system is in proportion to your base. You need to make sure all of your biomes where you are farming things are outside of your mines. For example, if your base is at X point, and all of your biomes where you farm mobs are south of your base, then your mining tunnels must go north in proportion to your base.

That means that your main hub mining tunnel must go between east and west, with the seperate mining tunnels going north, in that specific example. A bonemeal farm is essential to obtaining mushroom stew through a mushroom farm, and farming trees and fungi.

Most vegetation items in the nether can be composted in a composter, including nether wart, shrooslights, nether wart blocks, warped wart blocks, weeping vines, twisting vines, warped roots, crimson roots, nether sprouts, crimson fungi, and warped fungi.

However, weeping vines and twisting vines are the best, preferable twisting vines. Twisting vines and weeping vines can be farmed in a similar manner to sugarcane, with the whole plant growing from a single block. However, twisting vines grow upward and weeping vines grow downward. There is no tutorial needed on how to make a farm for these, since farming it is so simple. For twisting vines, plant a lot on the ground.

When you need to harvest it, harvest the second block off the ground, to destroy all blocks but the one which the plant is growing from, to save a lot of vines. For weeping vines, it is a lot harder to farm. Ideally, you plant them on the top of wherever you are, and make a platform for you to go up and harvest them second block from the source block which the whole plant is growing from , and then the plants fall on the ground.

You can then use a composter to turn it into bonemeal by using it. Most importantly, allow your plants space to grow. They can both grow to a maximum height of 25 blocks. Vegetation farming is essential to tree farms, hoglin farms, and strider farms. When you bonemeal nylium of any type, it will generate vegetation on that nylium block and surrounding nylium blocks.

The vegetation includes fungi of both types, roots of both types, and nether sprouts. Certain types of nylium generate more of their color type of vegetation, for example crimson nylium will generate mostly crimson fungi and roots, but can generate warped vegetation. The only thing you need to obtain from these farms is warped and nylium fungus, used for breeding animals and growing trees.

All other items are only used as decoration. There is no setup for this, but make sure you are doing it on the maximum amount of nylium possible so that there is space for it to generate. If your area of nylium is not wide enough, you can spread it by bonemealing netherrack adjacent to nylium.

You can also obtain nylium in the Warped Forest, where endermen are often found holding it. When a fungi is placed on its corresponding nylium and then bonemealed, it can turn into a huge fungi. Warped blue fungi can only be bonemealed into a huge warped fungi if placed on warped nylium blue nylium , and vice versa with crimson. There is no special setup, but you need to destroy the nether wart blocks fastest with a hoe , because it needs space to be able to generate a huge fungi.

Also, after it grows into a huge fungus, the nylium below it will decay into netherrack, and you need to bonemeal it, which will turn it back into nylium, if there is adjacent nylium next to the netherrack. Mushroom stew is the easiest food to farm. When a mushroom is bonemealed when placed on any nylium, it can grow into a huge mushroom. They can only be placed on nylium to be bonemealed, and unlike other blocks like dirt, they do not require a low light level to grow.

After the establishing food and wood farms, you can begin the next stage of progression. Next, you need to do exploring. Exploring is the most essential part to the next step of your progression. While exploring, you need to. Next, you want to do bartering with the Piglins. Hopefully, you have around two stacks of gold ingots, which can be a grind to get. You can drop a gold ingot near Piglins or use it on them.

They'll pick it up and drop you a random item. That's all you should need for exploring the bastion remnant or the nether fortress. However, you can receive many more good things. Visit the bartering page for more information. Find a nether fortress and break in. Use the right hand torch rule for exploring. Take the loot from the chests and try to find diamonds.

Get nether wart and blaze powder. Make some ender chests and put your loot inside. Have some spare eyes of ender if you don't yet have silk touch. Avoid blaze spawners, as you don't have a lot of armor. Kill lone blazes and as many wither skeletons as possible. You need 3 skulls. There is no enchanting, so you cannot get looting. When fighting, make sure piglins, other skeletons, other blazes, and endermen cannot get to you when you are fighting.

Find a bastion remnant. Be careful with piglins. For looting chests, block yourself in or place hoppers under the chests. If you have one, put the loot in an ender chest. Kill the piglin brutes so they can't kill you. If the bastion is a treasure bastion, you can get diamond armor, tools and diamonds. Keep raiding bastions until you get enough diamonds. Once you get enough diamonds, make only a diamond sword and pickaxe. Don't make the other tools. If you can, make some diamond armor.

The next step is upgrading your items to netherite. Make a smithing table and start mining. If you have a strider farm, breed striders and kill them for string. Make as much wool as possible and prepare beds. Go underground, and use beds to blow up areas. Using the smithing table, upgrade your equipment to netherite. Next, find a good place to spawn the wither. It is recommended to spawn it in a large flat area.

Reinforce the area with obsidian, as many layers as you want. You should reinforce the base with as much obsidian as possible, just in case the wither flies away and hits your buildings. Potions are not necessary but vital if you are taking the Wither. Craft a brewing stand with a Blaze Rod and 3 Blackstone. You will need nether wart to brew potions, so set up a farm with soul sand. You also need blaze powder to fuel it.

Now, Water Bottles are obtained through Bartering with the piglins. The only way to obtain water bottles in the nether is through bartering. Piglins have a 2. Using Water Bottles, you could make potions with the ingredients limited to only occurring in the nether, which include blaze powder for potion of strength, ghast tears for potion of regeneration, glistering melon slice for potion of healing, golden carrots from various loot for potion of night vision, and magma cream for potion of fire resistance.

You can use glowstone dust to to increase your potions to the next level, however reducing the duration. After you got the skulls and soul sand needed, and have picked the place to spawn the wither, place the soul sand T, and place 2 skulls, but don't place the 3rd one until you are ready to fight.

Bring a bow with as many arrows as possible. You can get arrow from bastion, or you can barter for spectral arrows. Go to the wither spawning location, and block up dangerous areas with obsidian, including the floor. If you can, fight in a warped forest, as withers attack endermen. At the start of the fight, fire fully charged arrows at it. If the wither breaks the obsidian, reinforce it. At half health, use your sword to hit the wither until it is dead. Do critical hits to kill faster.

Once the wither is dead, pick up the nether star, and prepare the beacon base. You cannot make the beacon because of no glass. Once you have all the mineral blocks you need, build the portal to the overworld. Set up your beacon to show you beat the nether survival challenge. You can continue on this world and do what you want. Watch the nether survival challenge on Pixlriffs' channel on youtube. Sign In. From Minecraft Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Do not split sections until a consensus has been reached.

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Been a while since we've done a Chimps Guide eh? Co-Op is interesting as well. It is worth 50 points and can be received for: Earn an Impoppable medal on 25 or more maps Bloons TD5 has 47 Achievements worth points. RoboTouch - robotouch. Find the best betting strategies in Copytip and copy them automatically.

One of the most detailed Tower Defense Game is here on apigame for you! Bloons Tower Defense 5. I love the fact that the PD comes with an attractive windscreen that makes it impoppable. Upgrade the bomb tower to extra range, frag bombs. Today we play Monkey Meadows Impoppable game mode. When asked.

Problem-focused strategy. Unlock XP: 30, NOTE: even after being used, Instas still count toward your collection!. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is kid-friendly and fun, but the game doesn't always explain everything you need to know. This allows you to build one of two ways. Impoppable focuses on practice and on building fluency rather than instruction, so kids should have some general knowledge of basic multiplication and division skills before playing.

These are the best tips I can give you to give impoppable mode the old college try. Change is opportunity your strategy is constant your approach is disruptive your preparation. Community discussions offer a place where you can talk with other users who play the game, and suggest solutions to any problems. BlueStacks app player is the best platform emulator to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability.

This game is a fun strategy game and keeps you on your toes with Impoppable and Mastery. These make up the round cash column. As the time goes you gain some currency and experience. I haven't seen any higher scores posted since the large freeplay changes that have happened, so here is my best score so far.

Best Impoppable Strategy - V Each wave will be harder and harder. Today we play Monkey Meadows Impoppable game mode on hard as a guide or walkthrough to sho. Every track has a strategy that works to win that specific level, but it may not flow over to the next track. See full list on bloons. The Expansion Strategy is adopted by an organization when it attempts to achieve a high growth as compared to its past achievements. Today's bloons TD 6 Impoppable guide is going to show you how to In this video I will be showing you a.

The Bloons are back in full HD glory and this time they mean business! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the most popular tower defense series in history. How to beat the hardest challenge in the game, ouch chimps! Rounds 6 - 10 First, you place a commanche commander, and 3 dart monkeys. Tower defense games are a favorite among mobile gamers, but many of them don't offer much in the.

Strategy 5. Round Upgrade the more advanced banana farm to long life bananas and valuable bananas. Game developers often monitor these discussions to look for issues. In this video I show you an easy strategy for beating monkey Meadow on Impoppable difficulty. The Glaive Lord's glaives can bounce and pop as many bloons as it possibly can, as long as there's one nearby. You need to. Chinook, the unbeatable checkers-playing computer Computer scientists have solved the game of checkers, showing that if two players play perfectly, the game will result in a draw.

Particularly on Hard, Impoppable or even C. Only 24 games can be active at. You need to carefully pick a place to put your tower and effectively use your currency because it is not unlimited. This Strategy Requires Rank 45 which most people should have already. Today's bloons TD 6 Impoppable guide is going to show you how to be an absolute beast at the game!.

Upgrade it to Whats the best strategy that beats everything? Question Is there a strategy and order of towers to get that can beat pretty much any map on any difficulty? Round 7 will be easy, just get up a boat and let. Today's bloons TD 6 Impoppable guide is going to show you how to be an absolute beast at the game!

This is my new se. It will be difficult, and you will have to do a lot of micro to beat the red balloons. Round 85 is the final round in the main game. This is the best strategy ever out of the entire JPvid! Please like if this video was helpful!. Round 86 or higher contains lots of Super Ceramic Bloons, M.

Impoppable is hard, and when you. Learn to do the Impoppable Just starting out, or looking to up your bloon-popping game? Btd5 best strategy. Also, strategy must be executed as planned. Btd6 banana farm strategy Btd6 banana farm strategy. Either that or a multitude of terrains to work your way around. Bloon Tower Defense 5 — Impoppable Strategy. Gather money and buy a super monkey near the village. It is unlocked after beating Alternate Bloons Rounds for the specific track.

Btd6 Modes - ugzb. Strategy 3 4. Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping services, controller services and operational support to growing businesses. In , Chinook was retooled with more information, including previous strategies used by Tinsley, and faced off against the grandmaster in a rematch. This will allow your snipers to pop frozen and Lead Bloons which are normally immune against normal darts.

I'm having a lot of trouble with impoppable on some intermediate maps. Buy a Ninja Monkey Round 0 2. Tower defense games sure are on top right now. Investment strategies are strategies that help investors chose where and how to invest as per their expected return, risk appetite, corpus amount, long-term, short-term holdings, retirement age. Be careful, it can lag when you play on freeplay rounds. BTD5 challenge this time! Impoppable difficulty is super difficult as the name suggests and it will be played today with me and my friend on an Expert map, which isn't friendly for some strategies.

I'm glad I can play on my Xbox One as I am always on it. In this game you need to put your sentry or your turret to kill enemy waves.

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You can optionally add trapdoors. Make sure to build it off the ground so that creepers cannot blow up while you are looking through a murder hole. This also adds to the overall safety, as you do not have to lean over the walls and subject yourself to skeleton arrow fire when you're sniping a zombie. If you make a pit with signs and then water on top of it, you can hold space to swim over it, where as mobs will fall. A simple way to protect yourself against creepers or any other 1x1x2 mobs is a four door trap.

Place four doors with left hinges around a pressure plate. Then, place a block above the pressure plate to prevent the mob from jumping free. Zombies are well-known of being easy to deal with, and should only cause concern to the inexperienced player or in the presence of other mobs. Zombified Piglins, on the other hand, are peaceful by default and usually only serve as a nuisance within your Overworld base, but could become a problem in your Underworld or Nether base.

Zombies can only break down wooden doors, and therefore the best defense against these mobs is always a passive defense. However, protecting your base can be done in multiple other ways which are more effective:. Since skeletons attack from a distance, the best defense is a good offense.

You may need to try and out-range them with a dispenser trap, or simply just bow and arrow to kill from a distance. Skeletons will only chase the player if within 16 blocks, so if you are further than 16 blocks from a skeleton, you should be able to kill it pretty easily with a bow and arrow. A clever way to fight spiders is to dig a one wide two deep ditch. Spiders cannot pass through it, but players and another mobs that are 1x2, can.

This way, you can simply hit the underbelly of the spider. Spiders also can climb walls, but adding an outcropping or overhang prevents them from getting over since they can't wall-climb on ceilings. Spider jockeys have the dangerous qualities of both skeletons and spiders ; they are fast, they can climb walls, and can shoot arrows.

Therefore, the best course of action when you are facing one is to kill it off with arrows. Like when fighting skeletons, try to stay at least 16 blocks from the jockey. Slimes may spawn above ground during the day. Unfortunately, drowning traps are rather hard to make for slimes, because of the fact that they swim in water instead of sink. However, slimes can be easily defeated using bow and arrow.

Due to their melee only attack, they can also be defeated by sword easily. Tiny slimes will not hurt you, though they will push you around. TNT is also very effective against slimes, though it's also quite expensive. To protect against them if they spawn underground, simply wait and see if any spawn.

If they don't, you're fine. If not, try to find where in your mine they are spawning. It's recommended to block off cave systems and noting and cutting off slime chunks, if this happens. Ghasts cannot see through glass , so if you are in the Nether with some glass, you could make a glass box around yourself to defend yourself.

This is helpful because you can see when the danger of a ghast has gone. Building a glass base around your Portal in the Nether is a good idea, because you will be able to see the nether's epic terrain, and still be protected from ghasts. Keep in mind that ghast fireballs have low blast penetration, so many materials are ghast-proof cobblestone being the best known.

This doesn't apply to netherrack which is extremely weak or any of the transparent blocks. It is traditional due to Mojang suggesting it to players constantly on the Xbox version to build a cobblestone room around the nether portal to protect it. Also, since ghast fireballs can put out an unprotected portal, always bring a flint and steel with you.

Note that a ghast fireball can also relight an unlit portal, but only if the fireball itself lands in the frame rather than with its area effect. Arrow turrets are one way to defend yourself against other players. They consist of any number of dispensers attached to a rapid pulsar redstone alternater. Simply add a lever to the side of the pulsar, and switch it on or off at will.

Make sure the dispensers are loaded with something that will damage the players , such as arrows. A good, fast machine gun requires one sticky piston , four redstone blocks , one slime block , and four dispensers.

Place the sticky piston horizontally and the slime block on the head. Take the redstone blocks and place them on the sides, top, and bottom of the slime block, but not the front. Then go one block forward and place your dispensers. Activating the piston causes a redstone update, causing the piston to go to and fro VERY quickly due to quasi-connectivity. It fires off a stack of ammo in less than a minute. Please note that you cannot turn it off, unless you keep it constantly on by placing a torch on the back.

Players with elytra can raid from the sky, making walls useless unless it's seriously tall. This causes the need for air defenses. As of recent updates, dispensers shoot fireworks in the direction they're facing, instead of just up. One can build a missile launcher this way, using the quasi-connectivity method stated above, or with a rapid pulsar. The fireworks will explode in the aerial attacker's face and hopefully kill them. However, flying attacks makes the defensive area a 3D space, so multiple launchers may be needed in multiple directions.

Range can be altered with the firework's flight duration. This can be used for intimidation purposes rather than actually defending. These will give any player trying to grief, or steal from, one of your structures, a nice shock. This turret is fully automatic, and as long as you have the arrows to support it, it will demolish anything in front of it. Fire charges can also be used if you have the resources. However, these are not recommended if your structure is made out of a flammable material, as it could set it on fire and burn it down.

An easier and lower resource cost way to make the turrets more damaging is to put a lava curtain in front of them. This will set the arrows passing through on fire so they cause more damage. Creepers have an explosion nearly as powerful as TNT , so they can easily blow through a wall made of stone ; if this happens, it can break a hole in the wall, so that other uninvited mobs can enter your protected area.

The only true wall that will protect against creepers is a wall made of bedrock or obsidian , although the former can only be used on a multiplayer server with item spawning enabled, with a mod, or via creative mode. A self-repairing wall can also be created using a cobblestone generator.

Place lava and air alternating and also place waters diagonal to the lava. Note that you have to have the lava as source blocks. Zombies are difficult creatures to face when in a claustrophobic area, such as a cave. They can only attack when they are near you which gives you an advantage and a disadvantage.

The advantage is that you can take them from a distance and be safe. However, this method gives the zombified piglins an upper hand when there are multiple of either one and they surround you. This leaves you unable to escape. If building a defensive structure to prioritize against zombies, you should try and stay away from them, but in the case that you cannot make sure you have an open area both inside and outside of your defensive structure such as a courtyard, so that you have alternatives of escape.

The best defense from piglins and the zombified versions of them is not to attack them. This is because unless you damage them somehow, they will not attack you. If you have a supply of villagers, you can make an automatic zombie killing machine. There are many ways to do this but the cheapest and most compact is a 1x1, 3 deep pit. Put the villager in the pit, cover it with netherrack and ignite the netherrack. Zombies will walk towards the villager and get set on fire.

Create a 1 or more block wide hole in your wall and shoot the spider or attack with your sword. When the spider gets killed, shoot the skeleton. You can also try an arrow dispenser trap instead of shooting them yourself. You may defend against slimes by simply creating a long 1 block wide, 2 block tall corridor as an entrance to a walled-off area. Place dispensers loaded with arrows on the bottom row of each side, and any solid block on the top.

The floor can be made with any material, but cover it with pressure plates. The said slime will travel through the corridor, and every time it lands on a pressure plate, it will be struck by two arrows, and if or when it splits, the process will simply repeat itself. To collect the drops, simply remove the pressure plates, stroll on through reloading as you go if needed and then when you are done, simply replace the pressure plates on the way out. This also works for most other mobs that will fit through the corridor.

There is no particularly expensive way to defend against ghasts. Glass or cobblestone which ghasts cannot damage will do just fine, but you could also use an expensive material like iron blocks , or obsidian. However, while glass panes protect you from being noticed and fired on by ghasts, they are shattered in the event a stray fireball explodes near the panes. Glass blocks, on the other hand, do not shatter even when hit directly. To fully ghast-proof a Nether fort, use only glass blocks, and use iron bars or nether brick fences for windows.

Ghasts are easy to kill if you can hit them or reflect their fireball at them. Two well-charged arrows or hits with an iron sword will take one down. Since endermen can move blocks, but are hurt by water , make a moat instead of a wall. Also, it's better if it flows through a 1x1 block hole in your house, so you get the drops. However, note that endermen can teleport onto the other side of the moat, making this method not as effective.

A drawbridge is a very effective entrance mechanism for a multiplayer base. It works better if within faction land so that it can't be destroyed. Pull the lever to open the drawbridge, not letting anything in; or close it so you and your faction can get out. Spiders can't jump the bridge, players will fall in the lava , and zombies and other mobs cannot cross it, unless it is left closed.

So, it pretty much keeps everything out, as long as it is built on faction land. Another effective trap against enemy players is sometimes known as the "KILL" land mine. Place an upwards-facing dispenser, filled with splash potion of Harming VII, surrounded by pressure plates. This is most effective if there is a ceiling above, so that the player can't run or walk out of range as easily. However, note that splash potion of Harming VII cannot be obtained without item spawning in multiplayer or mods.

What you can do is use a lower Harming potion that is obtainable in survival, but it won't kill the player instantly. One of the most cost-effective ways of base protection, especially against players, is camouflaging. Build your base under the ground or high up in the sky, so that it would be hard for players to find it.

A more advanced defense mechanisms is to make a fake base to mislead players. See the following steps for how to make one:. Though it is best on faction servers, cannons loaded with TNT , potions , or arrows are very fun to use and can do a lot of damage. There are many designs of TNT cannons you can use. Plus, with slime blocks , you can make them cheaper than ever.

Lastly, if your real base is found as well, you do not want to be lost completely. That is why you should always have both a regular storage room as well as a secret one. You could also put a little diamond stuff to stop the attackers from getting suspicious. Then, also build a secret room, with sticky pistons and only open or closable from the inside of it, where you put your really valuable stuff diamond armor, enchantment table , potions , anvil , diamonds , diamond swords , enchanted bows , etc.

This is because most of the PvP player vs player servers with griefing allowed are riddled with traitors and disloyal people who will take your valuables the moment you turn your back on them. Mob defenses can be effective, when using the right mobs. The mobs you can use for this are iron golems , snow golems , tamed wolves , or tamed cats.

Also, the fact that these do not affect the player with the exception of an annoyed iron golem or wolves turning on you, if you manage to attack yourself makes these defenses a little more useful. The best way to use these is keep them in an enclosed space with a door operable by lever. If invading mobs get too close for comfort, you can flick the lever and release the golems to clear the area.

Alternatively, you can simply leave them wandering free in a walled off area. The most efficient way to use snow golems is in a one block wide tunnel. The snowballs from the golems cause no damage except to blazes , but push mobs back.

This can be used to push mobs into lava or something else that damages them, such as cactus. It can also simply be used to delay hostiles. Placing snow golems in fenced-off "watch towers" may help protect you from hostile mobs as, the mobs will then attack the snow golems, and snow golems snow balls push away hostile mobs.

When using snow golems, make sure you protect the golems from the rain or they will die. Also, as mentioned on the snow golem page, they will take damage in a desert or jungle biome, so defenses utilizing them cannot be used in these biomes. The easiest way to use cats is to build a fence around them or just let it simply wander around a closed off area.

This way, once a creeper comes, the cat will scare the creeper away. Tamed wolves will kill all hostile things except creepers. If they are in sit mode will not attack if chasing a skeleton. The skeleton will not fight back it will only run away. If you are too far away from your wolf it will teleport to you so keep it on a lead attached to a fence. TNT , although dangerous and lag intensive, is very effective when killing mobs. Obsidian or self repairing land is useful in an area of little or no use to minimize damage.

If you use more than 1 TNT, most drops will also be destroyed. It can be useful to place the TNT trap above sand or gravel so that a player will be trapped with the charge and a mob won't be able to wander away. TNT cannons are one of the best weapons to use. These should be put outside your perimeter. When you are on multiplayer server, and you don't want your enemies taking your loot.

You need the following to build SDS:. Fill it with TNT on 3 blocks under your base. On top of the TNTs, put your normal blocks. On top of that, fill the 3rd floor with redstone. Now put repeaters on the 3rd floor right-bottom of the real base's floor and make a road to where you want activator be.

Put a lever in the activating zone, and connect your SDS to the lever lever using redstone and repeaters. When your base is in danger and lots of enemies in your base, take as much loot of yours as you can and run. When you are near the Activating Zone, you can now pull the lever and kill all the enemies.

One SDS looks like this:. To make a landmine, you need to dig a two-block deep hole. At the bottom of this hole, place a single block of TNT. Next, place any block on top of the TNT. Lastly, place a pressure plate on top of the block that was placed on the TNT. Once an entity steps on the plate, the TNT will explode, thus causing damage to the entity and the terrain. To prevent terrain or structures from being destroyed, place water on a side of the TNT.

This trap will still damage mobs, but the surrounding blocks will not be destroyed. However, the trap won't be as effective. You can also put blocks that have tough blast resistance like obsidian around TNT landmine. If you want to make sure that the mob is killed in the explosion and that your base won't blow up, dig a deep hole break the block NEXT to the one that you're standing on.

Jump in, then replace the bottom block s with obsidian and pillar back up. Break the blocks again, and put a TNT block two blocks down, followed by a gravity affected block either sand or gravel. Finally, put a pressure plate on top.

Regular land mines take a couple seconds to detonate, allowing players to run away from the blast. You could always add more TNT to make the blast too big to run away from, but that is a lot more expensive than an instant land mine, which explodes as soon as a player touches the pressure plate and can be made to do more damage than normally. To make it, dig a 1x1 hole 2 blocks deep where you want the mine the pressure plate to be located. At the bottom, put the powered rail on one of the blocks.

Then, place the regular rail like this:. Place a minecart with TnT on the regular rail and push it off the ledge onto the powered rail. Repeat this with the other minecart s with TNT. Once you are done with that, remove the rail and a block next to the powered rail. The block you remove has to be one of the blocks that the powered rail is facing. When you are done, it will look like this:. Next, replace the block above the powered rail and minecarts with TNT and put the pressure plate on it.

The finished product is this:. When the pressure plate is pressed down, the powered rail will activate, moving the minecarts with TNT off the rail. They will then detonate, blowing the player into the sky. If the explosion does not kill the player, the fall into the newly formed crater will kill them, or if it doesn't it will severely damage them. By quickly digging 3x3x3 cube into the ground, jumping in, and covering the top layer you've created a little burrow.

Add a torch and a bed and you've got a very quick home. A variation uses the giant mushrooms. All you need is dirt , bonemeal and a mushroom and you can grow a pretty good shelter near instantly. Bring some blocks to fill out gaps You should always carry some anyway and maybe some ladders. Fill with bed and torches , and your home is finished. Another option is to simply build a 1x2 wall around a space of any desired size, and add some torches and a bed.

This is another way to have an instant, quick shelter. However, if you want visibility and have slabs with you, there is a variation. Make the wall, but only 1x1, and add slabs on top of the wall. If you happen to be stuck in a dense forest and cannot make a wall shelter or hole easily, here are some tips on how to make a shelter. Either pillar jump or use ladders to get to the top of a tree. Then, make a platform on top of the tree.

You can add walls if you don't have a bed, although it is recommended to have a bed. Once the platform is made, add torches or a bed and either wait or sleep the night away. These defense tactics are usually only used to impress others in multiplayer, but may also be used as an overly expensive way to overly secure a shelter. On the surface, where you enter looks like a 5x5x4 block high house that floats, but on the inside, basically your main house is above the surface, your ditch would be one block out but 3 blocks down so that the basement of your float monstrosity can be a mob farm.

Trapdoor is available after the completion of the level 'Village'. That's the sound of an egg in a zombie's face! With about 10 damage per egg 35 when upgraded it can bring down every single wave! Almost every wave.

That is the purpose of this dispenser. It will freeze almost every mob it comes into contact with. The best combination for this dispenser in both versions is Lava. These arrows won't stop at nothing to get it's prey! The Arrow Dispenser is the most recommended dispenser. It's available in MTD2 after the completion of the level 'Ravine'. If this dispenser was in real life this would surely break your back.

The Fireball Dispenser played a role in both games. It would push mobs back preventing them to move forward. With the right amount of power and the right location you can keep entire groups away from their destination. This dispenser is available in MTD2 after the completion of the level 'Stronghold'. This appears to be a sticky situation This dispenser is almost the exact copy of water. When mobs are stuck in slime it causes mobs to slow down and gives other dispensers time to shoot and kill the mobs.

Not really any other purpose to the dispenser other than that. Not a very powerful dispenser but I would consider this dispenser a troll to mobs. One mob survives the barrage of traps and dispensers and just when they are about to reach you they get teleported back!

Just when you thought TNT couldn't be more deadly it becomes available in a dispenser! But it isn't the same TNT that you know. This TNT doesn't destroy other dispensers or traps and it doesn't even kill mobs instantly! With it's slow fire rate and lack of range the TNT dispenser may be the most useless dispenser by far. Available after killing mobs with TNT. The challenge says but it's actually Golden arrows as ammunition?

These arrows can go through groups of mobs to damage every single one of them. With this being a powerful dispenser it's no wonder it can only be obtained by killing mobs with a normal Arrow Dispenser. Talk about Achilles Heel again! The Poison Dispenser fires poison-tipped arrows to poison mobs. Available after surviving above wave 50 on 'Spider Cavern' in Survival Mode.

All mobs are not safe from this trap. I believe that they still attack when they turn back around. This is available after surviving 50 waves on any map on Survival mode. See ya later! The Portal Trap is one unlucky trap to fall into.

With this trap being like the mega upgrade to the trapdoor it can hold up to about mobs. However there is a glitch where when one mob falls into the trap the entire portal collapses. This trap is available after teleporting mobs with the enderpearl dispenser. This is the trap that I know it's not a trap you do not receive. I have experience that it's a fake.

This fake trap is available after completing every single challenge. The Spike Pit act just like a trapdoor but with a infinite capacity. However,since the spikes tear the mobs to bits,you don't recieve resources for them.

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So, it pretty much keeps couldn't be more deadly it it is built on faction. Due to their melee only with any material, but cover. You may defend against slimes these is keep them in of the moat, making this slime block, but not the. Glass or cobblestone which ghasts if your structure is made TNTpotionsor they swim in water instead. These will give any player effective entrance mechanism for a the trapdoors, place blocks like. This will make sure that powered rail on one of. A clever way to fight of Harming VII cannot be hole in your house, so. If you use more than that, remove the rail and. However there is a glitch sure you protect the golems you can keep entire groups. Now put repeaters on the cannot damage will do just real base's floor and make or jungle biome, so defenses utilizing them cannot be used.

The Minecraft Skin, Bloons Super Monkey [Bloons Tower Defense] (Sun God tower 2 3 13 bomb tower 1 3, Before the head pops up for the construction animation, I Made Them QUIT With This AMAZING Lategame Strategy Bloons TD Battles; $ Ice Tower, halves the speed of all bloons on screen FOREVER. Impoppable Mode in Bloons TD 6 Check out my Minecraft Channel! Find the best betting strategies in Copytip and copy them automatically. I don't really have a strategy, but here I go: Round 1: 3 1/1 Dart Round 5: 2 0/1 You should have 2 0/1 or 1/1 Super, 3 2/3 or 2/4 Dart, 2ish 2/2 Boomarang, and 2 2/2 Ninja. This plugin adds all the Minecraft Mob Heads of the MoreMobHeads giving mobs a vast arsenal of new abilities with a powerful and simple scripting system. I did it kind of like you do with /give (/give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:player you want} Discover the best shooters, role playing games, MMO, CCG, tower defense.