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Eurovision betting odds 2007 yamaha

Despite that The Roop is the super favorite to win tonight as their video has already gone viral breaking all sort of national records of views on Youtube and so on. Voldemars Petersons won the first heat, Gebrasy the second and the semi-final where Voldemars placed only 4th.

Martyna was only third in the first heat but already runner up in the semi-final. Evita was third both in her heat and the semi-final while second heat's runner up Gabrielius Vagelis didn't even survive the semi-final Mahmood keeps delivering and announces an album to be released later this year. Meanwhile here's the latest single and video Inuyasha , that obviously refers to the Japanese cartoon. Inuyasha is already fifth post- Soldi non album single following Barrio 4 , Rapide 5 , Moonlight popolare 3 and Dorado 19 besides 1 Calipso collaboration.

Ukraine has revealed their choice for Eurovision in Rotterdam. The song was released already last week with a note it was not meant for Eurovision but due to positive feedback here it is. The song will be shortened to meet the three minutes rule and gets a revamp before Rotterdam. And guess what? The video is down by copyright claim by Ilias Kozas! So, instead let's have a look at Guesch Patti's Etienne , an inspiration and hommage to this video that Senhit's is, or was if we never see it again.

Senhit's entry for the Eurovision song contest for San Marino will be released on February 23 Update 9. All is settled and the video is back online:. After first round where televoters chose seven entries and the expert panel a wildcard the votes were zeroed and the share was Just like I anticipated Juliette Moraine finished second and the fan favorites Andriamad and Philippine didn't even make the second round.

Life in the bubble anyone? Casanova and Amui surprised in televoting, maybe thanks to Corsican and Tahitian diaspora? Or maybe not Barbara Pravi is no stranger to Eurovision. Apparently she was already asked last year internally but declined the offer as she didn't feel ready. In the Junior Eurovision she's been the co-authjor of the past two French entries Bim bam toi 5th and J'imagine , that won the contest last year in Poland.

France television sacked Tom Leeb, their internally selected Eurovision artist in mutual agreement and goes for a national final tonight. The pre-contest favorite seems to be Barbara Pravi with her very French song, that could be Indila's While the fandom seemed to be all for Ue la la and La la love my favourite from the start was Set me free, and guess what?

Let the fandom melt down The downscaled selection show took place tonight without audience or live performances and people voting out the winner by an app. You could be in the middle of a crowd and still feel incredibly alone. I hope that my song can provide everyone with a bit of hope and comfort, no matter if they feel lonely or not. Ilta's effort is beautiful as is her voice, the arrangement is nice but maybe just a little bit over produced lacking the simply clean sound of Behm and early Chisu.

This song is dedicated to everyone who has ever felt excluded or unworthy, to those who just want to flip everyone off and scream bloody murder. Dark Side is the soundtrack to an underground party and serves as the perfect distillation of our message. After honing their craft underground for three albums, the band believes that the time has come for them to bring their sound to the world.

AWS was pure energy, these. Hurt is a powerful yet sensitive ballad about how looks can be deceiving. My song is also a reminder that you don't need to be anyone but yourself , Aksel tells and believes that he is more prepared to focus on his performance this year, as he is now more familiar with the contest and its production process.

I think I like this more than Looking back, that took me some time to appreciate. If he nails this live. Play is an irresistible combination of country and pop. Its lyrics focus on an on-and-off relationship where one person has become fed up with constantly forgiving the other. I want my audience to open their hearts and find the power and support they need to move on in their lives and relationships.

I believe that my story will resonate with many listeners , Laura says. Ever since she was a little girl, Laura has spent a considerable amount of time in Finland. Today, she typically spends half of the year in Finland as part of her musical and professional career. Her tenth album, released in the winter of , was produced in Finland, and she has also begun learning Finnish. Laura feels that participating in UMK will help further cement her position in her new home country.

Better on her own? We will see. She's been to Eurovision twice but never solo so far and I d. My song aims to be a humorous and truthful take on the subject. Just like Pave did. The lyrics are little bit humorous but also serious at the same time but the song itself goes nowhere a. I Love You is not just an instantly catchy tune — its goal is to help people better express their emotions and become more open and courageous.

Our mission is to bring people together in joy, celebration and love. We want to tell everyone that love does not care what language you speak or how you look. The seeds for the collaboration between the Teflon Brothers and Pandora were planted four years ago, in a chance backstage meeting.

Once all the countries taking to the stage today had finished, we had […]. So today ,Austra and Paenda have officially released the song that she will sing in Tel Aviv. What do you think? Email Address:. On the web since — never better than it is now. Eurovision Apocalypse The weird, wacky and wonderful from National Finals from Roy Delaney Meanwhile in Europe A perspective of our contest for viewers and listeners across the pond.

Europe in a Day Tips and info for Continental travel with plenty of Eurovision trivia thrown in! Join 40, other followers. Who won the ticket to the Final? Why go anywhere else? Blog Stats 4,, hits.


The glass in our bathroom is made in Sweden. The other one is in the Eurocafe, which has free internet, good coffee and nice people who drop by here eventually for a chat or newest gossip. I got myself a 3-Day-Ticket now recommended for people without accreditation who still want to get around the city easily , which is valid for 72 hours and costs 15 Euros which is fairly alright.

Different sources give different information about how to enter Euroclub without accreditation these days. However, other people said it can only be entered with accreditation. To be honest, the atmosphere along the riverside promenade is fantastic. Mediterranean vibe? Hello and welcome to the press centre for the first dress rehearsal of the first semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest!

Someone will probably be along to complain soon. All three presenters are on the stage and going through some pretty awful dialogue — business as usual at ESC then. Beating hearts on the big screens before each song begins. Magdalena and gang in white and sparkly things. She looks a bit harsh on camera, not sure it helps matters. Stereotype much? Her eyes look kind of tired, which is perhaps unsurprising considering how much partying the Norwegians have done over the last week.

Early night tonight, love! Then Aurela comes along to shout us into submission for three minutes. She looks a bit like a bird of prey. Albeit one with cleavage. The backing singers do an entirely unnecessary finger-clicking routine in the chorus, but all in all, this is bloody effective if you like this kind of thing and many do.

Her neck veins are going to look scary in HD though. Oh well. She takes her own gown off now, which is an entirely sensible development since the backing dancers were incapable of doing so. Backing vocals are a bit sharp and shrill at this stage. The boxing ring they make out of ribbons during the middle bit is very effective for such a cheap trick.

Oh, her dress really is the one with a boxing championship belt across the middle. Looks far less ridiculous than it sounds! And she gets handed a boxing glove by one of the dancers at the end. Erm, OK. It took them a bit too long, but nothing to worry about. Oh my god, what is the singer wearing?

The singer undoes some ropes at the end and… the singer emerges from the ball wearing wings. Well that was really worth waiting for. Nina looks stunning but still biffs plenty of the notes on the way through. Two of the Danish band just wandered past on a coffee hunt. And then the exact opposite of balletic subtlety and grace, Alex and his dancers. Bloody effective though, damn them. The first shit-eating grin he gives the camera will have Brits laughing into their beers and half of Europe reaching for the telephone.

Anna is singing well give or take the occasional croaky note and looks as pretty as ever. Good rehearsal though, obviously. Could suck up a significant segment of votes well beyond its geographical field of influence. She gives some spiel about the voting, then a reference to Lordi takes us into the Finnish postcard.

But the now-risen planet still looks stunning, and this whole thing has the potential to do some serious scoreboard damage. In a way, qualification is its biggest challenge. But it should do it, particularly with plenty of winsome smiles from Axel along the way. And then a tragicomic drama unfolds on stage in the form of the Maltese entry.

Qualification is a mere pipe dream though. Hands up! Catwalk, and back again. Key change. And of course we have no idea to what extent the various commentators will be mentioning the backstory. Could this be the most eagerly awaited song in this rehearsal? Then again, first dress reherasal, no juries, yadda yadda. Signs, shouting, sloganeering — you know how this one works by now. There are very few songs that look better in terms of LEDs and lighting than this one. Unfortunately, the vocals are a bit of a car crash.

Well, not so much a car crash as a series of gentle shunts followed by politely embarrassed swapping of insurance details. This is still more interpretive dance, mumbling and yelling than it is a recognisable song, and yet I can see it doing very well in this semi-final indeed. The dancers even do a Croatian Strip towards the end. And now Stefan Raab is speaking Greek. Ah, we do get a Schnelldurchlauf, presumably taken from the last open rehearsals although I suppose they could have cut it together quickly today.

What stands out in this format? Albania certainly does after two dancey openers. Serbia benefits from its perkiness. Iceland is effective after three no-hopers. Hungary take the end of the quiet Hungarian section followed by the English chorus — probably reasonable enough. Azerbaijan include the middle eight or thereabout where he attempts to get intimate with her — awkward.

And Greece rightly goes for the back end of the second chorus and stands out a mile. What now? A film that takes extra footage from all of the postcards, by the looks of it. Followed by more talk and another snabbrepris. Gosh, but the press centre is busy and loud now. Countdown is and counting. Whoopsie, the televoting time ran out during Lithuania. Poor Azerbaijan and Greece! It involves drumming to some extent. Every morning there will be a new video online. We actually wanted to start this tomorrow, but I had the unique chance to get Lena on my camera today, so this is an exception.

I arrived in town to stay! However, already yesterday, I spent my first hour being lost at the central station without a clue of how to get where I wanted to get. So I just went to Euroclub instead, which was quite well visited. The Henkel Saal was opened, so we had some good space to move and dance. Took the train back for one more night in Cologne, where I arrived around 6 in the morning, just for 3 hours of sleep, a chat with a friend and picking up a fellow Chatter from the central station.

The train ride was quite.. It was packed, it was hot, and it had weird people on bord, one being a hairy-chested Shemale with weird hair, who pretended to be blind and then began playing the Pippi Longstockings theme on the cheap Yamaha-chidren-keyboard under her arm. However, the crowds in the street are taken by football, rather.

Hundreds of people watched the happenings from the shore promenade which is really nice , so did I. So there goes my first day in Dorf, which is really a two faced city for me so far. Stay tuned for much more. Last morning in Cologne! And what do you do on a sunny summer sunday morning like this? Check the remaining rehearsals! France The grand anthem. Some 40 people from 10 countries applied for this prestigious and unique job.

At the same time Sietse Bakker has been appointed as Event Supervisor for the Eurovision song contest, underlining the fact it's not only a TV Show anymore but an Event! Sanremo Franco Battiato in! Now this is a surprise! Franco Battiato will be in Sanremo , too, and not as a guest but in competition. Well, to say the truth it's going to be Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato but who cares? It is not the first time they collaborate together.

Two years later he wrote Oppio for Sibilla but that didn't go that well Anna Oxa returns to Sanremo. The first names are out for Sanremo Nina Zilli, the moral winner of newcomers where she came 2nd behind Tony Maiello returns for a revenge. She has had a very succesful year. Max Pezzali, ex debuts as soloist but he did Sanremo already in with Anna Oxa tries a comeback and this will be her 14th Sanremo. Two victories one with Fausto Leali though , two second places and nine top placings but her latest participation in didn't go that well Roberto Vecchioni returns after 38 years, his one and only previous participation is from Another Amici, Alessandra Amoroso is also highly tipped to be there.

Welcome Dominica! New flags are coming quickly these days! It's time to welcome Dominica! Chisu - Aleksanterin teatteri, Helsinki She didn't disappoint. Great concert. All the hits. All the rest. Sometimes it is a good thing rearranging, sometimes it isn't but in this case it was very good indeed. Maybe some sound problems in the first part of the show but the second half was perfection.

She was visibly moved herself at times during the night and even so as this was the last concert of tour that has had over gigs so far. Oh hang on, she will have an extra concert tomorrow night in the same place due to huge demand of tickets so it was second to last Now she deserves a break But to. Tonight: Chisu! This was supposed to be her last show on her tour that has been going on since forever now all around Finland but due to high demand on tickets she will have another one tomorrow.

Anyways, this woman has won the Emma for the best song the last two years in a row, last year also the best album Emma and the best producer one. She writes and produces all her material herself. Chisu is fa-bu-lous! And I'm ex-ci-ted! Can't wait! The final of X Factor Italia has just started on Raidue.

Still no confirmation if the winner will go to Eurovision or was it just talk. Davide seems to be the favourite for victory It's going to be a long night Norway reveals half of the names for Pop, punk, rap, danceband, ballads Switzerland: Barbie doll replaces the trumpet. My early favourite in Switzerland Vittoria Hyde has been disqualified. Her song Play the trumpet has been partly released already before the deadline, revealed by the German part of the Swiss TV.

She will be replaced by Scilla Siekman and Barbie doll. Sigh, what a shame! Actually Vittoria replaced Orpheline who withdraw and now Scilla replace Vittoria who was disqualified Anna Eriksson - too good for Finland? Anna Eriksson has been around over 10 years in Finland, all her albums have sold gold, platinum or multiplatinum, she has won two Emmas and countless other awards. She has shown her versality singing pop, rock, classics from TV studios to stadiums and rock festivals.

And that's where she's at her best: on stage. So far the Finnish export music has been metal, rock or heavy - will Anna break the spell and be the first female poprock artist to do so? Next Monday she will perform in Stockholm and if everything goes right it is a start of an international career.

The idea of concert s in Sweden came last spring when my record company's Nordic boss saw me in Helsinki live. I'm glad this opportun. Welcome Martinique! Yuhuu, another new flag! This time it's Martinique and we have reached Melodifestivalen Charlotte dumped!

And SVT dumped Charlotte Perrelli for Jenny Silve r who gets the chance to belt out Something in your eyes instead of her, despite Jenny's flop last year but maybe that's less harmful as Charlotte's flop? Laura and Antti in the dance final. Antti has been the superfavourite to win since early episodes. Can Laura turn also this into a victory in her megasuccess year?

Septermber says no to Melodifestivalen. One of the names he desperately wanted in was September who after initial yes decided to say no instead and concentrates on her international career and launch of her new single. A what? That's what I said, too, and made a research.

It usually airs on the November of each year, with a few exceptions. In , a new format of presenting the songs was introduced. A jury is also used when determining which song makes it to the next stage. While the contest is criticised for the use of playback in the delivery of each song in the competition, it has been praised for the d. Armenia wins Junior Eurovision Vladimir Arzumanyan 12 from Armenia wins this year's Junior Eurovision song contest in a close run with his Mama.

Goodbye to 75 Cent. Ironically on the day of Junior Eurovision song contest the news reach us the oldest ever Eurovision entrant, Ladislav Demeterffy - Laci aka 75 Cent passed away yesterday. He would have been 78 in January. Many fans labeled that then a novelty act or a joke failing to see it was serious and a great song. Rest in peace, Laci. You'll be missed. Spanish fans prefer girl power. The Spanish fans launched a poll to see who they would prefer to represant their country in the Eurovision song contest and Chenoa is narrowly their favourite, almost head to head with Mirela, 2.

Soraya despite her flop in Eurovision came third with 1. The Spanish TV has launched an open call for both singers and songs this time around. Let's wait and see if any of these artists will apply Mirela has said she'll be there and will finally release her debut album in spring while. Azerbaijan: We have the first finalist: Chingiz Mustafayev. Azerbaijan has been having its lenghty first semifinal this week. The 11 hopefuls performed a foreign song on Monday, an Azerbaijani song on Tuesday, an old Eurovision entry on Wednesday, a song of their choice on Thursday and Friday the winner was selected and it is Chingiz Mustafayev.

Here's his Milim , Hero and Duy duy. Next week another 11 will try their luck. These singers took part this week: 1. Nurana Alesgerova 2. Tarik Yigit 3. Gulchohre Babaeva 4. Ulviyya Abbasova 5. Chingiz Mustafaev 6. Tofig Hajiev 7. Aygun Ismayilova 9. Adil Bakhishli Zulfunaz Rejebova Xana Hasanova. Reckless Love said No to Euroviisut.

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