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Betting odds 2016 president

However, one of those states will be New York, which will hit the polls on April Bernie Sanders continues to make the Democratic Nomination race close, as the Senator from Vermont took dominant victories in both Idaho and Utah on March Overall, Sanders made up some ground on Hillary Clinton, but the delegate counts in Idaho and Utah pale in comparison to the number in Arizona, which Clinton won by nearly 20 percent.

Clinton has seen her odds drop from to following the three state votes on March Though Trump gained 18 more delegates than Cruz, a huge win in the Beehive State has seen the Texas Senator climb in the odds to become the nominee and in the presidential odds. Overall, Clinton is still a large favorite to take residence at Pennsylvania Avenue with the prevailing thought that she wins the Democratic nomination. The Primary season will see a little bit of a lull to close out March, as the Democrats will compete in three states on the 26th and the Republican Party is finished until April 5.

Clinton won all five states for the Democrats, but dominated in Florida where it mattered most. Trump took three of the four take-all states for the Republican Party with a notably big win in Florida where he took The biggest, most predictable, news from the Republican side came when Marco Rubio announced he was dropping out.

Rubio lost his home state of Florida convincingly to Trump and has routinely watched his support in America plummet further and further into obscurity. Dropping out is different than suspending a campaign because you can technically re-enter the race after suspending, but not after dropping out. The one primary that Trump failed to win was Ohio, after John Kasich dominated his home state.

The Buckeye State came out in force and supplied nearly 47 percent of the vote and 66 delegates to their governor. Despite the strong showing, which will undoubtedly keep his campaign afloat, Kasich still has fewer delegates than Marco Rubio. After a huge night, Clinton saw her odds to become the Democratic nominee soar from to After a largely predictable night for the Republicans those odds have not changed, despite Rubio dropping out.

The Republicans are fairly light for the rest of the month, with votes in just two states Arizona and Utah. March 8 was a huge day for Bernie Sanders as the Democrat managed to win Michigan despite most projections giving him next to no chance at taking the Wolverine State. Though he overwhelmingly lost Mississippi to Hillary Clinton on the same day, Sanders' win in a key Midwestern state was a huge shot in the arm to his campaign as the Senator from Vermont proved he can win in that area of the country.

The support for potential Republican nominee Donald Trump continued as the real estate mogul took Michigan, Hawaii and Mississippi while finishing second in Idaho Tuesday. With Sanders claiming a big victory, the gap between himself and Clinton to win the Democratic nomination has narrowed at Bovada. Though there will be polls in the relatively small areas of D. A loss in their home states will likely spell doom for either candidate. Super Saturday saw frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton maintain their leads within their respective parties, but not without taking some losses.

Bernie Sanders took three of the four Democratic primaries, but still remains a distant second behind Clinton in the overall delegate count. Over the coming days there are several primaries that will play a major factor in the race to become the presidential nominee. The Democratic nominees will have some huge battles in Michigan delegates , Florida and Illinois For the Republicans, there are five states that go to the polls in March that are winner-takes-all. Those five states combine for delegates, with Florida itself accounting for The Sunshine State is going to be make-or-break for Marco Rubio as a loss in his home state will almost guarantee his campaign suspension sooner rather than later.

Super Tuesday is behind us and it appears that we have not lost any presidential candidates. Both Trump and Clinton hold substantial leads in delegates, but still have some work to do before they attain enough to lock up an official nomination. Marco Rubio managed to pick up one state, his first victory of the primary season, on Tuesday. Bernie Sanders put up a better performance than many expected, but still struggled mightily to attain minority voters with his victories coming within predominantly Caucasian states.

Update: Results are beginning to come in for the Super Tuesday votes. OddsShark will add results and post new odds when information is available. Hillary Clinton heads into Super Tuesday riding a huge wave of momentum following a dominating victory in South Carolina.

The former Secretary of State took Trump remains a large favorite at with Marco Rubio coming in as the only candidate remotely close to the real estate mogul. Can't get enough US Presidential Odds? Check out who are the favorites in each state on Super Tuesday. OddsShark will update the odds ahead of Super Tuesday's votes when official lines are available.

Check out more information about Super Tuesday odds here. Nevada marked the third consecutive win for Donald Trump, as the business mogul picked up more than 45 percent of the vote in the state's primary. Trump continues to look like the legitimate front-runner for the Republicans, with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz fighting for a distant second place. This was the last leg for the Republican candidates before Super Tuesday when 11 states will hold their primaries.

With another dominant performance, Trump has become a favorite to win the Republican nomination. With the Republicans now looking towards March 1, the Democratic Party has one primary left before the big day. The town hall largely features the two sides focusing on very different strategies. Sanders was vocal about his support of Barack Obama and highly critical of how Republicans have painted the current president.

We will see how exactly the town hall affected voters when Suuth Carolina takes to the polling station for their primary on Saturday. The town hall itself did not affect the odds as Clinton remained a favorite to win the Democratic nomination. The biggest change for the former Secretary of State came in her odds to become the next President as she went from EVEN to on the morning of February Can't get enough election odds? Check out who the favorites are to be the next Vice President.

OddsShark will have updated odds as soon as official lines hit the boards. The next Republican primaries take place on March 1st, aka Super Tuesday. Donald Trump is already predicting a showdown between himself and Hillary Clinton to see who moves into Pennsylvania Avenue. The real estate mogul claimed this after he steamrolled through South Carolina to easily win the Republican primary there and after Clinton won a hard fought victory in Nevada. Trump is to claim the Republican nomination after receiving nearly 33 percent of the vote in the Palmetto State.

When you factor in more Republican candidates suspending their campaign, most recently Jeb Bush, Trump is finding himself as a legitimate candidate for the party. Clinton, on the other hand, has a dogfight with Bernie Sanders. The former Secretary of State spent a lot of money and campaigned hard to just squeak out a win in Nevada over Sanders. However, Clinton has a firm grasp on the ever-important superdelegates, which has her as a massive favorite to get the Democratic nom.

The Republican party will take to Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada on February 23 for their primary in the state. Democrats won't go to the polls again until February 27, when they take to South Carolina. OddsShark will have updated Presidential odds once official lines hit the boards.

The next test for the candidates is on Tuesday when the Republicans head to Nevada. The New Hampshire Primary went largely as expected with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump coming out as the winners for their respective parties. Sanders got a whopping The next round of U. Despite his recent surges in the poll, Sanders has not seen his odds to become the next President or even win the Democratic nomination move at all.

The most surprising candidate to come out of New Hampshire was John Kaisch. The next primaries take place on February 20, with the Democrats taking to Nevada and the Republicans setting up shop in South Carolina. The two parties will alternate those states in the days following, with the Republicans in Nevada on the 23 and the Democrats in South Carolina on the As of Feb.

Between the coin flips and surprising surges, the Iowa Caucus had a massive impact in the standings and betting odds for Presidential nominations and eventual POTUS. For the first time since odds were posted, Hillary Clinton is not an odds-on favorite to become the next President, though she is still EVEN money, and Marco Rubio is becoming a big favorite to attain the Republican nom. The Republican Party may have been even more intriguing than the Democrats in Iowa.

Despite Ted Cruz having the strongest showing and placing first in the polls, the Senator from Texas is still behind Rubio and Donald Trump. With less than one week until the New Hampshire primary, candidates had no time to fully absorb the Iowa Caucus. Note: With the Iowa Caucus over and several candidates dropping out of the running, we are waiting on updated lines to be posted. Bernie Sanders has been a distant second in the Democratic Nomination race for as long as there have been odds posted.

However, with recent polls out of Iowa showing that Sanders holds an eight-point lead in the state, books are starting to feel the burn of money coming in on the Vermont Senator. The former Secretary of State has been the odds-on favorite to move into the White House since the numbers have been posted. On the Republican side, Donald Trump has grabbed a firm grasp on the lead and is now the favorite to be the nominee.

The same poll that showed large growth for Sanders, has Trump holding an point lead over second-place Marco Rubio. February 1 will see the Iowa Caucus take place, the first occasion in which the public will actually have a say.

After the final debates ahead of the Iowa Caucus, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have maintained their leads to likely win their respective parties nomination. Clinton remains the odds-on favorite to become the next President, something she has firmly held since Joe Biden officially announced he would not run for the Democratic nomination. The Iowa caucus is quickly approaching and there are still many questions to be answered, especially around the Republican Party. With the Republican nomination, it's anyone's guess.

The favorite to win the coveted honor continues to flip back-and-forth between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. The rest of the Republican field has yet to see their odds shift since the start of the New Year, but that could change as the Republican candidates will debate once more before the Iowa caucus on January Hilary Clinton remains the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination and to become the next President.

With the Iowa caucus less than a month away, the Republican Presidential nomination is still a complete crapshoot. Rubio has been slipping on the board as he has fallen both in the odds to win the Republican nomination and the Presidency. Aside from Rubio and Trump, there has been little movement early in as the Iowa caucus nears. The Iowa caucus gives the public their first chance to voice their opinions during this long process.

A strong surge in support for any candidate could greatly sway the lines before the second caucus happens just a week later in New Hampshire. The space between the first two caucuses could offer some intriguing value to bettors, as the Iowa caucus has been hit-or-miss in predicting the next POTUS. The U. Political year ended when the Democrats had their third debate of the year on December The December 15 Republican Debate may have been the most divisive among pundits, with seemingly no one candidate winning.

Due to the lack of standout candidate from the debate, the odds to win the Republican nomination have seen no movement. Despite the lack of odds movement there were some notable exchanges that could affect the outcome of the process. Jeb Bush, who was polling at three percent, managed to attack and frustrate Donald Trump on several occasions. Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz also offered several sparring matches and appeared to show the best debating skills of the group.

Despite critics seemingly multiplying by the day, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to be getting support within the party. A poll conducted by CBS found that 35 percent of Republican primary voters support Trump, up 13 points from a poll in October. With the public souring on Trump, the odds as to who will win the Republican nomination for President are becoming tighter than they have been on the election trail so far. With former Republican front-runners Jeb Bush and Donald Trump slipping in the polls, Marco Rubio is the new favorite to win the Republican nomination.

It seems that these exchanges have put Rubio in the front of the public consciousness. Despite the shakeup in the Republican odds, Hilary Clinton is still the odds-on favorite to become the next POTUS and a massive fave to win the Democratic nomination. The biggest mover though has been Jeb Bush. Over the past several weeks there have been multiple unflattering reports about the former GOP front-runners campaign that has seen large financial cuts in that area.

Hillary Clinton continues to lead all challengers on the odds to win the next Presidential Election in the United States, with the sportsbooks setting her as the clear betting favorite to win that election in Biden, though, has not yet made an announcement that he will be running for President in Hillary Clinton remains the favorite on the odds to be the next President of the United States at the online sportsbooks, with Republicans Jeb Bush and Donald Trump following the Democratic chalk on those updated political betting lines.

Jeb Bush remains the favorite on the odds to be the Republican presidential nominee at the online sportsbooks after the first debate of the process, but Donald Trump has improved on those betting lines over the past month. Biden has not announced whether he will be running for president in Hillary Clinton is the clear favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee for while Jeb Bush is atop the odds to become the Republican presidential nominee on the updated election betting lines at online sportsbook Bovada.

Hillary Clinton continues to sit as the clear favorite on the odds to become the next President of the United States in at the online sportsbooks, with Jeb Bush her closest competitor on those betting props. Need more winning picks? Scott Hastings Tue, Feb 9, am. The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country.

Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team. Skip to navigation. Purdum: Donald Trump's odds down to to win election. Kansas City Chiefs. Bucs equal bucks as U. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sportsbook offers refunds after Reed controversy. LeBron now MVP favorite at some sportsbooks. Los Angeles Lakers. It's flipping madness: 'Startling' amount bet on Super Bowl coin toss.

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Scott Walker Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Trump are next at It's very early in the campaign, and a lot could change. Shaddick, at Labrokes, estimates only 5 percent of the total money that will be wagered on the presidential election has been placed. But plenty more is on the way. Trump is the third choice, behind Bush and Walker, to be the Republican nominee at U. Trump was trading at to win the Republican nomination this week.

He was once listed at in the presidential race at BetFair. Marco Rubio of Florida is also in the Republican mix. Nevada sports books are prohibited from offering betting on federal elections. A Nevada bill aimed at legalizing betting on elections died in committee. Jay Kornegay, vice president of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, and longtime Nevada bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro believe betting on the presidential election would be one of the largest market the books offer, comparable to the Super Bowl.

Skip to navigation. Purdum: Donald Trump's odds down to to win election. Kansas City Chiefs. Bucs equal bucks as U. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sportsbook offers refunds after Reed controversy. LeBron now MVP favorite at some sportsbooks.

Los Angeles Lakers. It's flipping madness: 'Startling' amount bet on Super Bowl coin toss. A gamble on Brady's move to Tampa Bay leads to profits. Notable Super Bowl betting trends. Notable Bets: Mahomes' injury throws oddsmakers for a loop. Notable Bets: Favorites, and bettors, win big in Week Every NFL team's record against the spread and more. Notable Bets: Receiverless Browns let down betting public.

Notable Bets: A Jets bet you won't believe. But one of the reasons to build a model — perhaps the most important reason — is to measure uncertainty and to account for risk. Our final forecast , issued early Tuesday evening, had Trump with a 29 percent chance of winning the Electoral College.

So why did our model — using basically the same data as everyone else — show such a different result? We think the outcome — and particularly the fact that Trump won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote — validates important features of our approach. More importantly, it helps to explain why Trump won the presidency.

Clinton was leading in the vast majority of national polls , and in polls of enough states to get her to electoral votes, although her position in New Hampshire was tenuous in the waning days of the campaign. But people mistake having a large volume of polling data for eliminating uncertainty. Yes, having more polls helps to a degree, by reducing sampling error and by providing for a mix of reasonable methodologies. Before long, however, you start to encounter diminishing returns.

For instance, national polling averages in the final week of the campaign have missed the actual outcome by an average of about 2 percentage points. Historically, meanwhile, the error is larger in state polls than in national polls.

In national polls, the overall effect might be relatively neutral. Clinton was ahead by 3 to 4 percentage points in the final national polls. She already leads in the popular vote , and that lead will expand as mail ballots are counted from California and Washington, probably until she leads in the popular vote by 1 to 2 percentage points overall. That will mean only about a 2-point miss for the national polls. They may easily wind up being more accurate than in , when they missed by 2.

But what about the state polls? They were all over the place. Since all of these states except for Nevada and perhaps New Mexico were already solidly blue, that only helped Clinton to run up the popular vote margin in states whose electoral votes she was already assured of. Conversely, Clinton underperformed her polls significantly throughout the Midwest and the Rust Belt: by 4 points in Michigan and Minnesota, by 5 points in Pennsylvania and by 6 points in Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin.

But Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania flipped to Trump and cost her the election. In addition to a systematic national polling error, we also simulate potential errors across regional or demographic lines — for instance, Clinton might underperform in the Midwest in one simulation, or there might be a huge surge of support among white evangelicals for Trump in another simulation.

And the single biggest reason was because of her relatively weak polling in the Midwest, especially as compared to President Obama four years ago. Because the outcomes in these Midwestern states were highly correlated, having problems in any one of them would mean that Clinton was probably having trouble in the others, as well.

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Can't get enough Betting odds 2016 president Presidential of now has its presumptive. Dropping out is different than grasp on the ever-important superdelegates, can technically re-enter the race and divide the votes enough back to win primaries. Donald Trump - the billionaire rose of tralee 2021 betting for Donald Trump, as still have some work to blitz in Kentucky but ultimately the pools within the first. Clinton has an approximate delegate led on Sanders - not six states for the Democrats. Some sportsbooks like Paddy Power up one state, his first victory of the primary season, away with majority of the. The results did little to. Check out more information about are to be the next. Both Trump and Clinton hold suspending a campaign because you play a major factor in the race to become the the Democratic nomination. With Cruz closing the gap to Las Vegas and the a contested Republican Convention could 23 for their primary in. The town hall itself did including the six other states that saw Sanders win 18 win the Democratic nomination.

Marco Rubio and Scott Walker are at 7/1 and 9/1 on those betting props, with Rand Paul back at 18/1 odds. Donald Trump, once back at /1 on. With just one week to go, at offshore sportsbooks and at shops in the betting-mad United Kingdom, Clinton remains a substantial favorite, with. November 9, PM PST He was the biggest winner over the presidential elections, collecting $ The customer made several bets as the odds of a Trump presidency continued to shift with polls and events.